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Las Vegas Vlog November 2022 Part 3

Part 3 of our Las Vegas Vlog from November/December 2022. After a very heavy night on Fremont Street Las Vegas, we all wake up, still drunk. Today is a hard day for us all - we are all hung over and Tim and Gary pretty much stay that way all day. Matt seems to be doing the best but is also struggling. We did mange to get a Dragon Link Major on the coffee run before having to head back to bed! It takes a long time until we all meet that day - around 5pm! We do get to enjoy watching Ka at MGM Grand, followed by dinner at Bevette's Steakhouse & Bar at Park MGM. The food and setting were both great here - shame none of us could manage a cocktail in there. Park MGM was also where Tim got a Hand Pay on Diamond Queen! We managed to stay up a bit longer before having to call it a night. A short vlog due to a long hangover!

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