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Exploring the Strip View Queen Room at The Cromwell Hotel and Casino

Join us for a room tour of the Strip View Queen room at The Cromwell Hotel and Casino, a charming boutique hotel perfectly situated at the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. This adults-only hotel boasts 8 floors of well-appointed rooms that cater to the comfort of its guests. While the rooms may show signs of wear and tear, they still provide a cozy and comfortable stay. Today, we'll take you through our experience on the 7th floor, showcasing the farthest room from the strip to give you a realistic idea of the view.

The Cromwell Hotel and Casino offers the best of both worlds – a prime location at the center of the bustling Las Vegas Strip and the intimate ambiance of an exclusive boutique hotel. The fact that it's an adult-only establishment ensures a more relaxed and refined atmosphere for guests.

As we entered the Strip View Queen room, we appreciated how well the available 360 sq ft was used to create a welcoming and cozy space. The rooms are thoughtfully designed, providing all the essential amenities for a comfortable stay.

While the rooms at The Cromwell Hotel and Casino may show some signs of aging, they still offer a cozy and inviting atmosphere. While some updates might be due, you'll find the rooms to be comfortable and suitable for a pleasant stay.

During our visit, we were placed in a room on the 7th floor, farthest from the strip. This provided us with a view of what could be considered the "worst" strip view available at the hotel. While not the most spectacular, it's still a glimpse of the vibrant energy that the Las Vegas Strip offers.

The Strip View Queen room at The Cromwell Hotel and Casino offers a comfortable and relaxing stay in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. While the rooms might be showing signs of wear, the boutique ambiance and central location make up for it. If you're seeking an adult-only hotel with easy access to all the excitement the strip has to offer, The Cromwell is worth considering. Embrace the charm and comfort it provides, and you're sure to have a memorable stay in the bustling city of Las Vegas.

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