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Viva Las Vegas: A January 2024 Adventure

Welcome to our whirlwind journey through the dazzling lights and bustling streets of Las Vegas in January 2024! Join us as we jet-set from the UK to experience the glitz and glamour of Sin City.

Part 1: Touching Down in Vegas

Our adventure begins with the excitement of travel as we board a British Airways Club World flight bound for Las Vegas. After crossing the pond, we touch down and make our way to the iconic Luxor hotel, situated on the vibrant south strip. Day one sees us exploring Luxor's magnificent architecture before venturing to nearby landmarks such as Mandalay Bay and the Excalibur.

Part 2: New Year's Eve Extravaganza

As the clock strikes midnight, we find ourselves amidst the electrifying energy of the Las Vegas Strip, celebrating New Year's Eve in style. The highlight of the evening? Our unforgettable experience at the MSG Sphere, a futuristic marvel that leaves us awe-struck and of course the fireworks at mignight.

Part 3: Brunches, Buffets, and Beyond

The dawn of 2024 brings with it a feast for the senses as we indulge in a delectable brunch buffet at the opulent Wynn resort. Our exploration continues as we venture to Resorts World and Fontainebleau, immersing ourselves in the excitement of these iconic destinations. A quick detour to Westgate sets the stage for a night in Downtown Vegas, where the city truly comes alive.

Part 4: Chasing Luck and Lasting Memories

Armed with our remaining resort credit, we embark on a mission to make the most of our final day in Las Vegas. Breakfast at Mandalay Bay's House of Blues fuels us for a day of adventure as we traverse the various MGM properties, testing our luck at the tables and soaking in the sights. Despite a few bumps along the way, our spirits remain high as we explore the Stranger Things store and create lasting memories.

Part 5: Farewell, Las Vegas

As our Las Vegas adventure draws to a close, we savor one last breakfast at Luxor before bidding farewell to the city that never sleeps. With a final sweep through MGM resorts, including a leisurely stop at Paris, we reflect on the unforgettable moments of our trip. Join us as we journey home, leaving behind a city filled with excitement, memories, and a longing to return. Until next time, Vegas.

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