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London to Dublin Tier Point Run

Tim needed just 1 flight to boost back up to BA Silver Status so has embarked on the famed tier point run by flying London Heathrow to Dublin and back, all in the same morning. Although it's a tier point run by name, it's not actually the tier points he needs, rather just the qualifying flight. This is why he booked himself on the cheapest economy ticket he could which cost £74 return. Travelling on a Friday, he set off on the 06:50 flight from LHR and caught the second flight back from DUB, scheduled to land back in London at 12:15. All in all this was an incredibly easy flight and turn around to do and ended up having a lot of spare time in Dublin - not at all rushed. Immigration in Dublin was easy thanks to the common travel area between the UK and Ireland (think EU style of travel) and back in London was even easier with no immigration at all. Enjoy this video where we show you both legs of the flight, the food on board, take off and landing and the connection experience in Dublin.

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