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All About Tim & Matt's Travel Reviews

Whenever we go somewhere, like most people, we do a little bit of research first. We use Google and YouTube as our main online sources as well as travel books for that on the go offline help.

Once we better understand the layout of our destination, the first thing we look to is accommodation. Review sites are great and super useful, but sometimes pictures can still make things look far better than they are, or far worse. So we started to turn to YouTube looking for those authentic room reviews and tours and we found they were few and far between for many places we were looking for.

So in 2017 we set up our own YouTube channel called Tim and Matt's Travel Reviews. We wanted to give an honest opinion of rooms we stayed in and provide video footage to help you with your adventure research.  

It's been a slow but organic growth and now have so many videos, it's became harder to navigate around the channel which brings us to today. We have set up this website to help sort and manage all our content which can be found on a useful map. It tells you where the hotels are and a link to the video and where we have started vlogging some trips, you can find those on there too, to help inspire your next adventure. 

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